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We are centrally located in downtown and an awesome spot for happy hour, just grabbing a snack or a romantic date night. Our friendly staff will gladly walk you through our menu, ensuring your dining experience is a memorable one. We serve ramen, sushi and Asian street food. Because Asian spices and Asian street food have surged in popularity, we offer a wonderful assortment of flavors from Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand!

We boil our ramen broth for hours developing an amazing rich flavor that only time can create. We then add an assortment of noodles, pork belly, egg, seaweed, scallions, fish cake and countless of other add-ins, all in a favorable bowl!

Sometimes the best foods are served in the simplest form … like our nigiri sushi. It’s mostly just rice with a piece of raw fish. However, sushi is constantly evolving and our talented sushi chefs continue to introduce new and creative flavors to the mix. Our special rolls are always the best combinations of bursting flavors.


Andy and May

Owners and chefs

Andy and May: Meet Andy and May, husband and wife of 11 years and co-owners of Tycoon Ramen and Sushi.

Andy is our very own fantastic sushi chef, born and raised in Hong Kong, where he learned the majority of his cooking swag. It was there in Hong Kong that he mastered the art of many types of Asian street food. If you have previously dined with us at L’Asie, you will attest that Andy is a bad ass chef.  He is also super friendly, and constantly engaging with the customers. Come by and say “hi” to Andy.

May is the modern day Jack of all trades and competent with many skills. She is a mother, a business owner and a realtor! She is also a bad ass chef and really good at bossing Andy around. May is sassy and spunky and brings a lot of “flava” to our new and favorable dishes. You can thank her for coming up with all the special items in our menus.




In my previous life, aside from co-owning L’Asie with May and Andy, I was a body double. Have you seen that movie where that hot actress has to reveal her nice naked booty?  Well, that was me! JUST KIDDING!!! In my previous life, I worked in finance with all the other math savvy Asians. I’m not a bad ass chef like May or Andy, I mostly contribute to the business side, and making sure you thoroughly enjoy your dining experience. You’ll find me hanging out at Tycoon Ramen and Sushi a few days out of the week and I look forward to any feedback you may offer and would love to hear from you, our customers and friends.

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